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Can I have an interpreter for a child abuse interview?

My younger son’s doctor reported me for child abuse, apparently because my son told him I was touching him in the wrong way. This is completely not true, but the workers from the child abuse office showed up at my house and wanted to interview me. I speak Arabic as my first language and while I can mostly understand English, I did not get a lot of what they were talking about. I feel they were pressuring me to talk to them. Can I make them give me an Arabic interpreter so I know fully what they are saying about me, or maybe should I consider getting an Arabic lawyer to be with me during the interview, even though I’ve done nothing wrong?
Published on 03/08/21
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Do I have to disclose all my property in a prenup?

I want a simple prenup before I get married that says I keep whatever is in my name if the marriage breaks up and she keeps whatever is in her name. If we buy something jointly, we split it equally. I don’t want to go into detail in the prenup because I have a lot of assets she doesn’t know about. I’m concerned that if she finds out, she’ll never sign a prenup. If she does sign a simple prenup under these terms and finds out later about the other properties I have, will the prenup still be valid?
Published on 03/08/21
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